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The project is based on the idea of an open natural space, where the main focus is placed on the succession of generations and hospitality.





Landscape, natural


Wood terraces and pavements, gravel paving, large boulders, and the natural color palette of the flowerbeds are delicately woven into the existing terrain and surrounding nature.

The slightly elevated geoplastics with lush plantings around enhances the effect of the hummocky terrain.

The low fences with openings covered with floral compositions, mature trees, and the gradient, leading to the Katun River, blur the boundaries of the site and create a sensation of sweep.

One of the eye-catching project solutions is designing a cozy area for contemplation and meditation, located above the riverbank. It offers a breathtaking view of the river and the opposite bank.

Laconic and comfortable swings, providing an incredible sense of flying, are perfectly integrated into the slope above the river. It's so easy to immerse oneself in pleasant thoughts or simply admire the riverside landscape while swinging.

A cozy backyard firepit area seems to be a special point of attraction.

Large rocks framed by vegetation help to enclose the firepit space and create a sense of intimacy.

Traced in the design of pavements, in the flower bed decor, they hold a special meaning of this project - the carved symbol of "the tree of life" with roots and branches forming a circle ("agash" is rendered as "a tree"). This sign symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth, the past and the future and all forms of life.

The magic of cozy evenings is created through well-thought-out lighting scenarios.

Without disrupting the living nature of the space, the warm diffuse light emphasizes the texture of the plantings, marks out the steps and terraces, and highlights the structure of the wood facade.

It is safe to move around in the dark, whilst receiving aesthetic pleasure.
It’s not only the warm seasons when the enchanting beauty of nature is revealed, it keeps showing off with the first snow as well.

The abundance of coniferous trees and shrubs, grasses and plants, retaining their ornamentality in early frosts, allows the owners to relish in the space all year round.

The charm of the surrounding environment, incredible natural views, and the meaningful landscape design fill the area with the aesthetics of a well-arranged space.


A 3D walkthrough will help you get the feel of beauty and vibe of the space. Let's immerse ourselves in its ambiance and try to sense the mood of the place.

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