Expanding horizons
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Our main task was to erase the property lines and expand the area using the boundary lines of the greenery and pavements. This might seemingly reduce the space visually, however, by taking a step forward, the new boundaries will be revealed, thus fueling the viewer’s interest.




Modern, natural

The concept was based on the site itself.

Shaped as a polygonal narrow rectangle, it looks like a long field. We aimed to visually erase the property line and expand the site with the help of the greenery boundary lines. The polygonal lines were skillfully diluted with the straight linear pavements in order to guide the visitors in the right direction.

Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see further! (John Morgan).
In the greenery design, we have come up to the decision to use the complimentary shades of green. Coniferous plants blend well with deciduous ones. Meanwhile, the neatly trimmed deciduous trees stand out as accent plants in the natural garden.
Magnolia serves as a color accent, placed as the focal point observed from all the resting zones of the area.
The greenery has been displayed even with the terrace. While the BBQ, firepit, and the resting seating areas have been placed on a step lower. The resting places are cozily arranged around the firepit.
The sauna’s architecture resembles the one of the main building. Linear shapes, masonry and stucco are the essential elements of the site structures.
The outdoor pool is slightly elevated from the ground. By planting perennials around the pool, we have made this area look more secluded.
The linear design of the greenhouse matches the architecture of the buildings.
The hammock serves as a place for solitude and relaxation. The dappled shade of the trees will hide the owners on sunny days.
The technical gates have been placed at the back of the site near the fruit garden. For this reason we suggested creating an eco-parking lot to combine functionality and preserve the green area.
The lighting adds levity and modernity to the property. The straight lines of the luminaires support the overall architecture. At night, the lighting highlights the texture of the plants.
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