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The concept is based on the major function of the site’s main building - a dental education center - as well as the peculiar feature of the site - the abundance of shaded areas.




The Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria

Modern, natural

The core of the design concept lies in the functionality of the main building on the site - a dental education center - and the abundance of shaded areas as its specialty. Just like a radiant smile, the "whitened" plantings illuminate the space. The paving in a light gray palette echo the white "smile" of the garden. Delicate but bold inserts in the paving add dynamism to the garden.

Beauty is a radiance that originates from within and draws us into the depths of the human soul." - Marsilio Ficino.
We have proposed a combination of a simple laying pattern in the main paving with unusual details resembling Roberto Burle Marx’s distinctive pattern style. The car park marking is shown with the help of the paver layout. It’s the large format outdoor tiles that have been used as the main paving material. The inserts are made of small format outdoor tiles or cobblestones.
We have placed an open patio with the possibility of arranging tables and chairs. This zone is mainly used in the warm season as a socializing and dining area. In order to maximize the functionality of the available space, suspended benches have been used. Our main objective was to make this area as cozy and comfortable as possible through the use of perimeter and vertical greening.
The color scheme is white-green. One of the main tasks of the greening is to brighten up the space, make it fresh and light. Hydrangeas arborescens, ornamental deciduous and coniferous shrubs, vines have been used at the customers' request.

The bigger part of the site is taken up by buildings, structures and paving, whilst quite little space has been left for the greening. Therefore, we have made maximum use of the patches of land available. Trellised vines, shade-tolerant, predominantly white flowering, as well as outdoor planter greening, have been used to decorate the retaining wall and green up the space at all heights.
The site configuration dictates the main lighting tasks: pathway lighting and space expansion. The use of design-wise flood lighting let us balance the space with the help of light spots, as well as visually expand the site. Warm light from the outdoor garland has helped us create a cozy atmosphere in the quiet lounge area.
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