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A space to relax with a cup of coffee, as well as make oneself comfortable while waiting for the kids having classes at the center, and just contemplate the beauty of the various forms and shades of green.




The Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria


The architectural severity of the building is softened with the sweeping curves in the crowns of lush shrubs and graphic multi stemmed trees. The glazed facade allows you to enjoy the beauty of the blooming plants while inside the building, as well as adds external volume, reflecting the green plantings.

The straight and linear shapes merge delicately with the rectangular-shaped large format tiles, embedded in slightly contrasting gray colored tiles of the main paving. The neatly trimmed massifs of low spiraeas, like juicy details, stand out in the mosaic arrangement of the pedestrian area.

The following comfortable and stylish zones are hidden amongst the greenery:
  • an open terrace with elegant furniture and sun shade umbrellas, able to provide shelter in the bright sun,
  • comfortable and functional outdoor benches for rest and waiting,
  • and an incredibly decorative area with swings, which can become a cool photo zone with natural decorations.

The visitors to the child educational center will especially appreciate the outdoor canopy area for strollers and the special parking area with a bicycle and scooter rack.

The planter seatings placed at the entrance area and on the open terrace add green accents and, just like the elements of a mosaic picture, unify all of the areas into a single whole.

Meanwhile, the whole space changes its appearance as soon as the outdoor posts lights get lit, illuminating the pathways; the ground lights highlight the beauty of the winding tree trunks and architectural lighting, allowing to connect the structure with the green area.
The entrance area with the designed resting areas harmonizes with the architecture of the building, fills it with meaning, beauty, and is perfectly integrated into the park's overall territory.
Let's cross the bridge, diagonally embedded into the mosaic paving layout, walk through the protruding green blocks, look in on the cozy café in the open air, and have a quick peek at how the functional details of the space are arranged...
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