The horizon line
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Being not just a place for relaxation, but a real point of attraction, this is a space where modern houses with a stunning view of the river delicately blend in with the carefully complemented natural landscape.







The space on the bank of the Biya River houses an eco-park, providing all the amenities for comfortable recreation. A car park, a pool area, a restaurant, a sauna with a hot tub, a cinema, a pier, several quiet lounge areas, cottages and others have found their ideal place there.


The planning solutions envisage the separate placement of houses without using man made fences. This gives a sense of space and does not disrupt the natural view.

Terraces with cozy sofas, fire pits, lounge chairs and canopies are delicately integrated into the natural slope. Both in sunny weather and at sunset, in the warm light of the outdoor post lights, one is offered an incredible panorama of the water surface and the emerald coniferous forest.

The smooth lines of the pathways look natural due to the use of cozy wood and natural-toned cobblestones. Walking among the tall coniferous trees and subtle flowering plantings can provide a sense of tranquility and unity with nature.

One can retire from the rest of the world and listen to the sounds of nature, finding solitude in the shade of gazebos surrounded by the enclosing crowns of pines and fir trees. Alternatively, one might sit back and relax on spacious swings or benches with soft cushions.

A special place of attraction is the multi-level complex with a glazed restaurant, allowing you to catch the first rays of the sun, while having your morning coffee, or watch the river sunset at dinner time.

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.

Jon Krakauer


Let’s try to feel the freshness of the river air, smell the scent of the pine needles and take a walk along the riverbank, gazing at the horizon...

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