The Garden Group Company has been creating and implementing unique landscape design projects for private and commercial spaces in Russia, as well as worldwide, since 2012.
Creating the environment for a beautiful future and improving the world by striving for the comfort of people and nature
than Design
We design spaces where one can relax, recharge, energize, have fun, or find solace being by oneself.
The company was founded by Ivan Shaferov — a landscape designer and Art director of the Landscape Bureau.
Ivan commenced his pathway as a regular student working part-time in a garden and evolved into a true professional over the time. He has assembled a close-knit team of experienced specialists who create projects of any complexity from concept design to practical implementation. The team includes landscape designers, architects, structural engineers, interior designers and decorators.
Garden Group is a whole ecosystem, including:
Landscape design bureau
Plant nursery
Online landscape design school
Garden maintenance department
Landscape Business Club ‘Zelyonye zdes!’
Would you like to turn your landscape into a place of power and a point of attraction?
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